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Morning from a cold bright Toronto, or if you on the other side of the world good afternoon. I hope that the sun is shining down on you.

I’m definitely an African. My ears froze walking to a restaurant last night, later found out that it was only 2 degrees. I mean, like, when does Cape Town ever get to 2 degrees? Brrr

Yesterday was fun, a day of RM training.

In most classes you usually start off by breaking the ice…. our teacher, Hideto, build the ice and it got very cold. We were taken out of our comfort zone, had our “text book” answers thrashed and our beliefs questioned. It’s amazing how tongue tied you become when it’s your turn to speak, answering that seemingly easy question. So I’m really looking forward to today’s class. No, really I am. Sucker for punishment 🙂 that I am.

Happy thoughts to all of you.

King OG

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