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The heat hit’s you like a blow to the chest. 35 degrees with humidity that you don’t even get in KZN! I’m in Doha, the capital of Qatar, a small country (really only a peninsular on the Arabian Gulf just south of Bahrain). Qatar is almost surrounded by water with a highest point of just 40m (so no rock climbing here!). Qatar has strategically developed its oil (700 000 barrels a day) and gas plants and it appears as if everyone is extremely wealthy ($30 000 minimum wage per year according to some reading I was doing). Also very politically correct for a Muslim country – they got lady politicians and leaders. And if you like golf this is the place to come to!

But I’m not here to climb the sand dunes, buy oil or play golf, just waiting for my flight to Milan, which should board shortly. It’s now Sunday (a working day for Qatarians).

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