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The last few days have been hectic. Today is Tuesday and I think I have finally recovered from the flying, soccer, and excitement of being in a new country – not speaking a word of Italian correctly even after months of lessons with Enza. They all speak so fast that I battle to catch even one word so I’m left using my phrase book, bad pronunciation and fingers.

Arriving on Sunday I managed to purchase a TIM sim card and now have an Italian number. This didn’t help me, as I could not get through to any of the relations I was supposed to be staying with. I new I needed to get to Suzzara (zz like in Pizza), but trying to communicate this turned out to be rather difficult and I ended up writing it on a piece of paper. Got to Milan central station where I was supposed to catch a train. It turns out that there are two stations in Milan and I was at the wrong one. With much difficulty got tube to correct one who’s name I still can’t remember. Happily on the train for a couple of hours, train stops all passengers get off – except for Oliver. Train starts going back towards Milan. I wake up, run to driver and start asking if train is now going to Suzzara. Oops! No I should have changed. Luckily they stopped the train and drove me back to Mantova. Where I had to wait for my connecting ride.

Made it in time for the soccer and yes by this time I had finally made contact with the Italian family that was/is looking after me, had shower and a bite to eat, and hooked up with a friend of the family, who could speak English, and ended up watching the game at his house with 10 of his mates. What a joll, ended up watching loads of Italians running around the square, letting off fireworks, bouncing up and down, singing, waving flags and generally having a blast. They still are – even two days later!

I must say that my Italian is slowly improving. I can now count to 10, say a few choice expletives and a couple more socially acceptable words.

I have been looked after extremely well (have probably put on a couple of Kg’s). It’s wonderful to be here and I look forward to what happens next!

Till next time!

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