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Beware the back streets of Genoa! Andiamo, Andiamo was called out of a dark doorway when I was forced down a tiny back road by a marching band. There were a number of rather unattractive “ladies of the day” lurking on various corners and calling out for attention. I would of found out the price for you but I felt my Italian wasn’t up to scratch and I was not about to let myself be mugged of my possessions by a minni skirt with handbag, high heels and bright lipstick! I took this photo so you could be warned and avoid (or maybe not) this part of town.
I don’t recommend staying at the Hotel Genziana.

PS. Met an English tourist who was looking for a cheep place to stay. He went to hotel Genziana and was asked how many hours he would need the room for! Ha Ha

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