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Hello All! Another day almost finished and another entry into my blog. Job search is on full mode now and been to a couple of ports that I got out of the Yachting Hand Book (a comprehensive guide to yachting around the world that I managed to borrow from an Israeli engineer)(who now has a job)(so there is hope for me yet). Went to a little place called Rapallo, which is a fantastic place if you want to go on a honeymoon trip, but not if you want to look for work! All the boats were very small or sailing yachts. I want a Super Yacht!! Great ice cream though.

Today I was up early and headed to La Spezia, which I had heard had lots of boats, only to find that (after walking miles and miles) there were no big boats other than the container ships and large cruise ship anchored in the middle of the bay. The good news is that Margot found out that diabetics are allowed to work at sea on cruise liners and it is only the South African buggers that are holding me (us) back. The boat she is on in Miami has a couple of diabetics working on it. So I might be applying from Italy or London.

Just finished a couple of beers at a bar called Biblos (no nothing to do with the Bible!) about 4 short cut flights of stairs downwards (and then up again!!!). The hostel I’m staying at is on top of a hill and a zig-zag road takes you miles down to the town. The bar is about 1/2 way down and run by a friendly Stephano – All the male names end in “o” and all the female names end in “i” or “a”. Anyway it is a great place with a friendly vibe and cheap beers (OK not by SA standards but cheap by the Euro standard!). Many, many cups of coffee (espresso) are sold in Biblos, followed by the lemon liquor or sambuca, which I avoid.

Will take picture.


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