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The average day as the life of a South African adventurer on a budget in Italy, staying in a hostel.

6:30 – Wake Up (although I am on holiday so I sometimes sleep in a little)
7:00 – Shower followed by breakfast (Coffee, prune jam on bread roll)
7:30 – Catch “le auto bus” into town
8:00 – Do dock walk i.e. walk along the dockside looking for new boats that might need some help.
10:00 – Do something touristy (explore the old town i.e. walk miles).
13:00 – About lunch time.
14:00 – Find a tree or patch of grass for a little siesta (or go for a swim or listen to Italian tapes).
15:30 – Some shops open and it is time to go do some more exploring.
17:30 – Do the dock walk again, you never know who might turn up.
19:00 – Return to hostel – shower and relax before dinner. At hostel we are allowed one free drink with meals.
21:00 – Time for an ice-cold beer – no bar at hostel so have to go to Biblos down the road (beers only 2 euro not 6 like at the port!)(1 euro = approx. R8).
Later: Bed – to listen to other travellers snoring, belching and/or farting.

The great thing is that I now know Genoa pretty well and am frequently asked by tourists where the various attractions are and what busses to catch to get there. Avoid the aquarium. Cape Towns one is far superior except maybe for the dolphins. Old town is spectacular with its narrow windy streets and relatively cool in the mornings and afternoons. There are loads of museums and churches if you into that sort of stuff.

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