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I got work. Yes you heard me correctly. I did the dock walk this morning before going to the train station to investigate trains to Cannes. Saw no new boats and was about to head away when my instinct said I should soak up the Italian atmosphere and have a coffee. I was sitting sipping my espresso when I overheard a phone conversation. This boat had just fired a South African and desperately needed another crewmember. Quick as a flash I had my card out of my pocket and placed it in front of the first mate. They liked me immediately.

This charlie is giving South Africans all over the Mediterranean a bad name. He had falsified his CV completely and has smelly feet (so I was told by the crew). The captain did some background checking and fired him on the spot. Would have reported him to the police if he hadn’t burst into tears towards the end!

So tomorrow I start work at 6am tomorrow and we set sail for Venice on Saturday. I even get paid. I will get a train ticket back to Genoa when we get there – that is if they don’t want me to stay on, but I think they will. The crew seem very nice and the stewardess has already sized me up for my uniform. I was jittery after the interview and was not sure if it was my nerves or just the coffee running through my veins. Thank you universe for setting this up!

Update from Venice if I can.

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