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So I’ve been off line for the last 30 days or so. No chance of me to post any blogs, but the good news is I’m back on line and only working 8 hours a day instead of the 16 to 20 hours I was a week ago. Yip, I got a job and have been working very hard. Managed to get five days of work that has been extended to just over a month at a very good daily pay rate. What am I doing I hear you ask yourself; well I’m working as a yachty deckhand. Deckhand is a nice way of describing the bottom of the food chain in the sailing world. Mostly we are referred to as ‘deckies’ and our general job description is that of boat cleaner. I’ll go into actual job description of the two ‘deckies’ on board later.

I’m working on a big Super Yacht called Shandor with a crew of 12. This motor yacht is 50m in length and is designed as a luxury boat for the owner and his guests. I’ll give you a breakdown of Shandor in a moment.

We have been travelling around Italy and Corsica for the last four weeks and are finally back in Genoa for three weeks before the boat leaves for Sicily, Gibraltar and then across the Atlantic to Brazil. I won’t be joining the boat for the Atlantic leg as the captain does not want a diabetic on board. Ah well I’ll make a plan.

The Super Yacht:

Name: Shandor
Length: 50 m by approximately 9 m wide
Exterior: Sun deck, Heli pad, boat deck – three tenders (rescue boat, whaler motor boat, jet boat and other interesting toys (inflatable banana, canoes, sail boat, dive gear, waterskis. etc), aft deck – with dinning table & chairs, swim platform at the stern of the boat.
Bow: Crew galley/dinning and cabins.
Deck 1: Four luxury guest cabins all on-suit, Laundry room, DVD store-room (+/- 1000 titles).
Deck 2: Master cabin (about 1/2 the size of an average 2 bedroom flat) Dinning room, Disco/Gym, Main galley.
Deck 3: Luxury lounge and bar area, Owners office, Bridge, Captains quarters.
Deck 4: Sun deck with Jacuzzi, bar, dinning table and the required lounger’s and deck chairs.

Connect all four levels with a lift so that you don’t have to walk to far with your cocktail! Although crew are not allowed to use it!

Then there is the Engine Room with its sparkling white painted engines, generators, fresh water makers and other interesting machines all run by the Chief Engineer and his faithful assistant.

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