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Crew uniform.
I have been issued with loads of clothes. Half my cabin cupboard is filled with uniform. When I arrived I got a pair of blue work shorts with loads of pockets – all important for hard working deckies; and a nice white Shandor T-shirt that was dirty by 4pm the first afternoon. This was followed by another two sets exactly the same and a pair of blue deck shoes that turn my feet bright blue every time I where them. I’m sure someone on board is putting blue food colouring into them every night!

Then I was called in for sizing of black trousers and white shirt with my epaulets (only one stripe I’m afraid) and a black clip on tie. The tie is clip on so that when you are working with machinery you cannot strangle yourself. Only officers get real ties as they apparently don’t do any dirty work. This is my number one uniform and we only wear them when the owners and guests are on board and after 6 pm. The only problem was that with size six feet they did not have any black shoes to go with the outfit. Everyone else has nice Marcs & Spensers non-slip shoes. When we arrived in Venice the stewardesses were in a flat panic as the owners where arriving soon and I had to have a pair of black shoes. Luckily for me, while Tom and I were scrubbing the hull from the rescue tender, the girls managed to find just my size in a fancy shoe shop. Only 120 Euros. Nice! Real leather Italian handmade black shoes with absolutely no grip in the wet. Everyone else’s shoes are not nearly as good looking or as smart.

The only problem is you can hear me coming for miles, as the shoes go clunk clunk as I walk across the decks. The engineers think that this is extremely funny and I get comments all the time about my real shoes!

So we got number one uniform. Then we got three smarter versions of our deck work clothes to be worn during the daytime when the owners are on board. I’ve also got a peak cap, floppy cricket hat, swimming trunks, belts both blue and black, a walkie talkie radio, fleece and warm padded jacket all embroidered with the Shandor logo (not the belts and radio obviously).

So in a small cabin with limited storage you cupboard gets full pretty quickly, but I’ll survive.

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