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Champagne! Yip, the owners love champagne. We loaded up 124 bottles the other day. Bringing the total number on board to well over 250. Priced from 30 Euro to over 250 Euro per bottle! None of this sparkling wine nonsense – only the best for this boat. The guests love the French bubbly and have been know to get through quiet a large amount, daily!

Then we also have the 400 bottles of wine. A happy mix of red and white from all parts of the world including South Africa. Also priced completely out of my current price range. The Stewardesses keep the keys to the cellar hidden, obviously, and publish an updated wine menu each day for the owners. Moet – 21 bottles etc. Next day Moet – 17 bottles. Luckily for us when we are on galley duty we get to sample the leftovers and I had my first chilled glass of the boats best champagne while scrubbing pots. This was followed, at midnight, by the left over red wine. One of the superb and very drinkable wines that I have sampled over the last couple of months, although I cannot remember any of the names. Nothing like starting my 12 to 4am shift with a glass of red!(and then only just getting through my work load).

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