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Pisa: Managed to meet up with Margot in Lavorno the other day. It is a port, which M’s large Carnival ship stops at every twelve days, and is close to Florence and Pisa. I met her early Sunday morning after having spent the night at a dodgy hotel near the train station. Well not that dodgy. Took a walk to Piazza Grande at 7am. Unfortunately it is not at all “grand” and I spent half an hour looking for an open coffee shop – nothing – so a cold morning waiting for Margot’s shuttle bus to arrive.

It was excellent catching up with Margot again, it feels like I haven’t seen her in ages, but in reality it is only about a week. We took a slow walk through the deserted town, past all the closed pizza joints, to the station to catch a train to Pisa. There must be hundreds of Pizza restaurants in Larvono all selling, funnily enough, pizza. And nothing else. So forget about any other sort of Italian food in Lavorno. Although the pizza is good, but not grand!

The 20-minute train ride was uneventful except that we got out at the wrong exit into the residential area and could not find the leaning tower. But luckily with our broken Italian we managed to get back on the right track and soon were eating ice-cream, drinking beer and generally having a good time in view of the tower. The leaning tower is described in one of the guide books an architectural stuff up, but in reality it is pretty cool and an impressive tower. Try to avoid going there when the cruise ships are around as you get swamped my loud, chatty, over weight Americans, who are [most of the time] completely ignorant.

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