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You’ve all heard of Romeo and Juliet, I’m sure, if not go brush up on your Shakespeare. Margot and I had the pleasure in visiting Verona home of Romeo and Juliet a couple of weeks ago. Margot caught a train from Venice to meet her cousins and I just happened to be along for the ride.

Verona is a beautiful place with lovely little side roads branching off the main square. It has pink marble pavements that glow in the setting sun There are plenty of sidewalk cafes for your espressos and cappuccinos and the town is quiet famous for its opera, ballet and other shows in the Colosseum type arena. Luckily, for me, we didn’t have time for an opera (world famous or not!).

Margot and I deserted the cousins and headed for Juliet’s house, with its little balcony and statue. A little bit of culture to enlighten us.

The man is supposed to hold Juliet’s breast for eternal love/luck or something like that. As you can see it is the brightest part on the statue.

A beautifull fountain in Verona.

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