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Some interesting (mostly useless) facts about the rich mans sport of yachting: The cost of a new yacht is roughly $1 million per metre. So the new 60m yacht, that you are dreaming of, will cost you around $60 million. M/Y Shandor (50m) is over 20 years old and still worth $40 million. Running cost are bare a minimum $1 million per year. More if you got major engin overhalls or paint work to do. Maintenace never stops and to patch up some decking could cost $60 000. Varnish jobs, that get done at least three times per year, will cost approximately $45 per metre if the crew does the work (more if an outside contracter does it!). To enter the Americas Cup yacht race you will need approximately £100 million or R1300 000 000 to fund the race. This includes things like development, sail boats, crew, tecnical staff and entrance fees. Wining the Euro lotto which pays (on a roll over) £54 million is not enough! I think I’ll spend my money elsewhere!

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