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The ship arrived early in Dubrovnik, Croatia, after having to apply for a one day visa that cost $40. I thought this was a bit steep and wanted to try and sneak off the ship, but this is impossible due to all the “friendly” security officers. It was well worth it and Margot and I enjoyed a lovely long walk into the old town, followed by dodgy lunch and large beers alongside the water.
The water really looked inviting, but unfortunately we had to rush back to ship so Margot could start work.

So what does she do on board? Well it varies from day to day and after 12 days I’m sure I’ll catch on. Some days she “shoots” gangway. This means taking photographs of the guests as they leave the ship. They never want to stop for picture so it can be quiet frustrating. Then in the evenings she works in the gallery. This is where all the photo’s are hung up and on sale at professional prices. Another great couple of hours selling photographs, cameras and helping guests find their pictures on the wall (which they never can).

When Margot is not in the gallery she shoots a portrait station. These vary depending what port they have just left and can be fun backdrops, close ups, green screen or formal shots. I like the fun ones and now have quiet a collection of “professionally” taken pictures that show me falling out of a gondolier, pushing over the leaning tower of Pisa (green screen), lifting heavy anchor chains (styrofoam) and dressed as a cowboy (old time dress up). The dress up was the best.

No pictures of Margot at work as the professional photographer in her does not want to be portrayed on this blog (as my photos are not of a high enough standard, obviously!).

Each portrait station has it’s backdrop, lights, signs (watch your step and opening times) and obviously the photographer. This was a boring grey backdrop and not a happy photographer. I escaped outside to take leaving pics of Dubrovnik.

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