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Date: 02 October 2006 3:33 PM
Topic: Day 5 Venice, Italy
Some interesting visitor facts about Venice: Venice has an estimated 18 million tourist per year. There are only 60 000 permanent residents (1/2 the original population). The average tourist spends only 20 minutes sight seeing and more than 5 hours eating and drinking (must be the American cruise ships). In the next ten years a further 8000 Venetians are expected to leave due to change in traditional way of life (i.e. too many tourists). An example being the famous Ritz theatre now a glorified shop selling costume masks. Based on information from the BBC World News 7 Oct 2006.

As you probably realized we’ve arrived once again in Venice. Must be my 4th visit. Instead of arriving by train this time I arrived by ship. Much nicer and no long ticket queues. Do you know that there are no queues in America, only lines. If you talk about a queues they think you’re playing snooker or something.

The cruise into Venice is truly magnificent and you pass all the famous landmarks on your way – Robert de Niro’s Venetian holiday home, the port where the new Carnival ship is being built and a couple of other famous landmarks. Ha Ha. No really!

Pretty horrible place – he was apparently there, but did not see him. It’s the orange one – idiot!

M and I escaped the confines of the ship. Took a water bus to St Marcs Square (to play with the pigeons), on to the Bridge of Sighs (to confess our undying love for each other), and the to the internet shop to check emails (sort of an anticlimax really).

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