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Date: 03 October 2006 3:33 PM
Topic: Day 6 Venice, Italy

I had a relaxed evening on board watching Margot work in the gallery and drinking American beers. I was going to work my way though the alphabet, but the barman didn’t seem to keen to serve me.
Budwieser (regular and light)
Coors (regular and light)
D? (there is one but can’t remember it)
Edelweise (yuk)
Fosters (OK Australia gets everywhere and also comes in a huge 1000ml can)
My favourite barman was Harold from the 9th deck pool bar. He was full of useless information and fun bar games. Harold had been a barman for 14 years on Carnival ships, is 41 years old and loves motorbikes. His favourite bit of useless information is that if you eat one packet of crisps/chips a day for a whole year you will have consumed a total of 5 liters of oil – yum. I suppose that crisps have an average of 30g of fat per packet x 365 equals over 10kg’s.

This bar was directly across from the 24 hour pizza counter. A place where Harold had dinner every night. One pizza is how much fat? He was great entertaining company when Margot was hard at work and unable to be disturbed.

Day 2 in Venice or day 6 of the cruise was another hazy, but enjoyable day getting lost in and around the small streets and canals of Venice. Loads of window shopping, glass jewelry, face masks of all shape and sizes, designer clothes, leather shoes and outdoor food markets. I even found this lovely set of wooden underwear.

It was sad to leave Venice. Margot and I have such good memories there and I’m not sure when or if we will ever get back there again. There was a masked leaving ball as we left. Unfortunately Margot had to work but I when and watched everyone in there costumes and the passing scenery. They all looked much better in their masks

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