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Date: 05 October 2006 3:33 PM
Topic: Day 8 Messina, Sicily

Arrived in Messina, Sicily (the Italian island being kicked by the boot!). No time to mess about we were off the ship and on our way to Taormina a little village famous for it’s shopping, narrow streets, Greek amphitheater and full of American tourists (ah wait they came from the ship). We took a local train. Being a Thursday the trains were completely unreliable, why? Just because! A whole group of tourists standing on the wrong platform because that is what the announcement board said we should stand on. Thank goodness for Margot and her friendly Italian lingo she was able to get the correct information from a harassed looking ticket inspector. We arrived, took a bus to the village, and then started exploring.

We never made it to the amphitheater which was apparetly the best bit!

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