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Date: 07 October 2006 3:33 PM
Topic: Day 10 Barcelona, Spain

We were in Spain and the photographers were dressed up. We had the “Bull Fighter” and the “Spanish Lady”. It was Margot’s turn to be the “Spanish Lady” in the flowing red dress, castanets and head piece (which Margot managed to loose somewhere from the cabin to the gangway).
After 500 photographs of the Spanish lady, with guests, Margot was allowed to leave.

We hopped on a bus to the centre of Barcelona and explored the tree lined main street and ventured to the Gaudi church a short underground ride away. The church is still in the process of being completed and is magnificent. We took loads of photos and a elevator ride 50m up to a small bridge and then down the spiral staircase.

Back to the ship for a free meal and nap before Margot’s work started.

Gaudí, Antonio(1853–1926), Spanish architect; full name Antonio Gaudí y Cornet. He was a leading but idiosyncratic exponent of art nouveau who worked chiefly in Barcelona and is known mainly for his ornate and extravagant church of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

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