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Date: 09 October 2006 3:33 PM
Topic: Day 12 Civitavecchia, Italy

This is the last day of the twelve days spent on the Carnival Liberty ship. Scroll down if you want to start at the beginning of the adventure.

I was back where I met the Carnival Liberty, Civitavecchia – (still can’t say that slowly, never mind fast) and up very early as all guest had to leave the ship by 8am. It took quiet a while to get off as the purser desk had my passport and was shunted around from one office to the next to try and get it back. Surprise surprise – day 12 like day 1.

Margot had the morning off and took the train into Rome with me (along with a few hundred Americans – all wanting to explore Rome before flying back to the US of A). We went to the Spanish steps, Trevi fountain and a number of fashionable Roman shops.
We were in the area!

Margot wanted to do some window shopping at all the expansive places near the Spanish steps. Names like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klien and Bvlgari. Margot was desperate to get into Bvlgari (I’m not sure what they sell there – I think it is jewelry and fragrances). We walked up to the front door of the store and saw two well dressed doormen (that looked more like bouncers). At that point Margot decided that she was not dressed for the visit and we scuttled away chuckling – we would have to buy there products later when more appropriately dressed.

We walked back to the train station. It was a hard to say farewell to Margot (even if only for a few short (long) weeks). She would be back to work on the Liberty and I would be heading to London. If all goes according to plan I would be heading to the Grand Cayman Islands by the middle of November. The Liberty would do a last twelve day cruise around the Med and then sail across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. We will meet up soon in the Americas.

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