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Date: 05 November 2006 12:58 PM
Topic: London on the cheap!

Yesterday, Julian and I, enjoyed a day out exploring the cheap attractions of London on foot. Well almost on foot. We took a bus to Waterloo station and then walked along the Thames to Greenwich. It was a good thing we left the house early, (sorry – that should read room with attached bathroom!) as we caught the last bus in before the “save the planet” cyclists took to the street creating the most horrendous traffic jams. This caused busses, taxis and other motorists to be backed up all morning – creating hours more emissions than their motors would have if the “save the environment” cyclists had not been out. I might add that I have never seen a more motley looking bunch of “cyclists”. There were five or six police cyclists following them at a polite distance back keeping them in check.

Our walk took us past Somerset House where we briefly watched a construction crew setting up an outdoor ice-rink. Then it was past the Old Bailey and into Fleet Street to look at the newspaper officers, unfortunately none remain. Plenty of coffee shops and a cheap shoe store. After a cappuccino, to warm up – it was about 8 degrees outside, we continued on to St Paul Cathedral. Being a cultural walk we decided it would be good to have a look inside. We tried but got stopped at the door. You need to pay to enter a church in England now – only 9 pounds to go in and get blessed. You know what they can do with that 9 pounds….. I took this average photo of the dome from outside. At least they can’t charge me to take a photo.

Next on our journey was the Tower of London where we stopped for some “padkos” from our packed lunch bag (Two apples, 4 beers and a flask of “tik” (the English brand name for Rooibos tea)). No sandwiches as we were hoping to win the Euro millions lotto and have a slap up lunch, unfortunately we did not win, but will next week as it is a rollover, making the prize just over 100 million pounds (if we do win we won’t tell – promise!). Walking along the west bank of the Thames was great as we were in some winter sun, walking past great old pubs and a number of wharfs – including Oliver’s Wharf!

We kept going past Julian’s old hang outs at Canary Wharf, then towards Isle of Dogs through Mudshute farm (see pics) then under the Thames via the tunnel and onto Greenwich and up the hill to the observatory. The origin of the Greenwich meridian time line. Got there just as the sun was about to go down (along with the temperature!). Had the last of our beers while sitting on a freezing concrete bench watching hoards of tourists take pictures of this imaginary line. Took tube back home for eggs and bacon sandwiches. A good fun day out was had by all.

Where is that line?

Mudshute farm with Canary Wharf skyline.

Where’s me carrot? Porky at Mudshute farm.

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