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Date: 03 December 2006 5:20 PM
Topic: Eating & Spoonbending

So what have Julian and I been up to over the last couple of weeks (when not working or searching for work in my case)? Well have both been eating really well. With all the “waste” food that we get from Marks & Spencer and the freezing cold weather you just have to eat. Three, maybe four full meals everyday. With nice full stomachs we always sleep like logs.

We have also been playing around with energy. Julian has become a master of channeling his energy into ordinary spoons and forks. He holds the spoon (or fork) in his hands, lets his mind wander, feels the spoon heat up and then twists the spoon into incredible shapes.

I’ve tried but can only bend the spoons by using brute force and get boring L shapes. It is virtually impossible to un-twist the cutlery with out breaking the utensil.

We’re running out of useful cutlery and will soon have to visit the pound shop for some more forks (there is only one unbent fork left and the other one I have tried to unsuccessfully straighten – see below).

Julian is now going to try and bend the spoons with out touching them. I’m sure it is possible, but may take a little practice and a few more spoons!

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