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So, welcome to Grand Cayman.

I’ve been here four months now. The time here has flown amazingly fast and a lot has happened. Firstly I must apologise to all my faithful blog readers (all two of you) for my lack of posts since I left London early in January. Shortly after arriving on this island I dropped my laptop. No, I was sober. The tiled floor was just very hard. This caused the complete destruction of my hard drive, or so they tell me. All the disk information is now lost along with many great photographs, music, my past life as a rock climbing instructor and a few rather good draft blog posts about my adventures with Julian in London. If I feel inspired I might re-write them.… hmmm not likely. The computer is now fixed so get ready for regular posts.

As you probably know I working as a beach attendant for a company called Kirk Sea Tours. Not the best job around, but for now it’s a break from rock climbing and I get to play with jet-skis and kayaks, put up umbrellas, manage the other staff and enjoy the tropical weather. My full title would be “Beach Trailer Manager” on Royal Palms beach. My uniform is bare feet, board shorts and t-shirt; shaving is optional, sunscreen, shades and cap a requirement.

The job is linked to cruise ship tourism. Cruise ships generate most of the islands revenue – except of course for banking – and yes I do have one of those accounts now. In the Caribbean winter or busy season the ships fight to get their tenders ashore. On the busy days we can have ten ships with up to 3000 passengers on each ship wanting to come ashore. The visitors can go on many different excursions but many prefer to just come to one of the nicest beaches in the world; to lie back and enjoy the sun, have a rum punch or ice cold beer, and play with the toys that we rent them. We keep them from getting too bored or burnt. At about 3pm the beach is suddenly deserted as my customers all rush back to the port to catch tenders back to their ships and sail away to the next destination on their itinerary.

It’s then time for us to pack away 50 sets of snorkel gear, 40 umbrellas, 15 float mats, 10 kayaks and too many paddles, 6 to 9 jet-skis (depending on there state of repair), 4 boogie boards (I’ll tell you about these boogie boards later) and last but not least a life ring. The three beach staff then head back to the office to clock out. A short walk across the car park takes us to Myrtles. Myrtles is a traditional Cayman/Jamaican restaurant that serves all kinds of interesting food. Today’s special is turtle soup and jerk pork for only 9 Cayman Dollars. It also happens to have a fully stocked bar with some of the cheapest prices on the island. After a long (hard) day a couple of nice ice cold Heinekens is always necessary.

Then it’s time to catch a bus back to the staff house. The busses are like the South African mini bus taxis. The only difference is the drivers have real driver licences; they aren’t overloaded or have a loud ‘lighty’ hanging out the window shouting “Mowbraaay – Kaaap Stad”.

Well that’s all for now more details later.

Ja Man,

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