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Trouble in Paradise.

There are a few of us that share a large staff house here on Grand Cayman. Three South Africans who come all the way from a small dorp near Pietersberg in the north; an English girl, Hannah, who has been here for about two weeks; Levi, an American guy from Arizona and of course us (that’s Margot and me). The three boys, Eddie, Riaan and Deon, live in the garage. Margot and I have the master bedroom with the en suite and Levi and Hannah are in the other two bedrooms.

Generally we all get along. When the Boys get on the rum things can get a little messy, but usually they pass out before anything serious happens. We were just back from our weekend on Cayman Brac, the Boys and Hannah had been out and been drinking pretty heavily, but were home early as the next day was an early start work day.

By 10 o’clock things had quietened down, either passed out or gone to bed. Suddenly there is a loud crash. I get up to see what is happening. Sitting on the floor in the corridor between the bedrooms is Levi. He is rocking back and forth, clutching his stomach. There is a hole in Hannah’s door. It looks like he has head butted the door. Levi tells me he has to get in to help Hannah. I say “Levi go to bed”. He says that there are people watching the house and he must warn her. I tell him again to go to bed and open his bedroom door for him. I leave him sitting on the floor.

For the next hour or so I hear doors closing, whispering, banging, loo’s flushing and more whisperings. For some reason both Margot and I cannot sleep. The next thing there is loud crashing and we hear Hannah screaming. I unlock our door and step into the brightly lit corridor. Levi is stabbing at Hannah’s door with a large diving knife. In a calm voice I told Levi that he should go to bed. He insisted that he had to get in. At this point I notice that he is completely naked (this is the first thing Margot notices as she peers over my shoulder).

Levi now says that he has been raped by Eddie and that is the reason he is naked. Hannah is still screaming (so would you if you saw a blade come through your bedroom door).

Levi’s eyes are large and wild looking. Margot grabs me back into the bedroom and swiftly locks the door. I dial 911 and get put through to the control centre. It turns out that Hannah is already talking to an operator, who has told her to stay in her room.

A few minutes later the police are there. Three squad cars. They have Hannah. She found them while running wildly down the road screaming for help. Levi comes out of his room dressed. Acts as if nothing has happened. The boys are woken up. They have heard nothing and promptly pass out again. Margot, Hannah and I are waiting at a police car telling our side of the story to an officer. The chief officer comes out and says they will report the damage to the owner of the house and will be going. “Er umm; what you going to do with Levi?” I say. Well they have enough evidence to arrest him, but only if we want to take it all the way to the courts. The girls don’t need to be convinced. They want this crazed American as far away as possible. A few moments later they escort Levi away in handcuffs. His parting words are: “Thanks guys.”

The next evening, after long discussions, it is decided that we would not press charges. Levi will be sent home to America and never be allowed back. If we press charges Levi will be let out on bail and be free to roam the island while waiting for his trial; which could take six months or more to get to trial.

We all sleep easier now, although Hannah still has restless nights. The combination of alcohol and a constant ‘cold shoulder’ from Hannah had obviously triggered something psychotic in his brain. I doubt that he remembers any of it.

We have since moved out.

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