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Well, we’ve finally moved and settled into our new place. It’s a comfortable fully furnished, ground floor one bedroom apartment. Right on the bus route and close to Margot’s work (Boatswain Beach – commonly known as the Turtle Farm). The windows are fully enclosed with mosquito netting, the bedroom has air conditioning, there are good working ceiling fans, satellite TV (over 300 channels – from A to XXX -read PORN) and a fridge that is filled with our own food (i.e. food that won’t be eaten by other hungry house mates). Life could not be better! My beer stays ours – rather than everyones! A nice change.

The other three apartments are occupied by past Kirk Sea Tours employees and even our landlord and lady used to work for KST. As you can see they are keen cyclists. There are less roosters, no drug addicts or potential murders floating about and windows that lock.

The staff house was robbed yesterday. The burglar came in through our old bedroom window and stole Deon’s play station games console. The thief also let the chickens in. Nice to come home to a house full of chicken shit! Kirk (that’s my boss) has decided that it’s time to get rid of the staff house. So by the end of August the boys will be on the streets again. You think I joke? Before moving into the staff house the three South African’s were sleeping either in the company bus, or on one of the four company motor boats or in the small office conference room. Showering was under the office hose pipe and dinners were from Pizza Hut, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Wendy’s or more often than not a straight liquid diet (the alcoholic version).

Chickens and Roosters should be the national birds on this island. They are everywhere. Almost every bush has a family and a father with no sense of time. You see the mother hens walking and calling their little chicks (at least six of them). You see them get bigger, grown up and develop personalities. Ag cute! Then you wish that you hadn’t as half have turned into roosters! At 12.08 this morning I was awoken by the cries of the first rooster. Followed shortly by an answer from further down the road. I reckon that these roosters have competitions to see who is going to upset the residents the most. “Cock a doodle doo should we see if they (that’s us humans) are awake yet”. A bit later, just as your drifting off; “Cock a doodle doo, no not yet doo”. There is even a rooster with a voice that has not “broken” yet. He sort of goes “CrickCrick droodle drro” – Sorry only a immature rooster can do it. They could drive you batty if you let them. Expect to hear the roosters at midnight, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am and then you might as well get up – in the dark!

Margot has, and still does have, the pleasure of answering many stupid questions while she is at work. The other day she was asked by an American visitor what sort of bird was walking around the turtle tanks. Margot was on the other side and could not see. She presumed it was a chicken but decided not to say anything. The next thing a little kid comes out and starts chasing this “strange” bird around shouting “Chicken, chicken chicken”; to which Margot rolled her eyes and muttered her usual retort “stupid American”.

Ah well, we can’t all be Africans!

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