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We are busy preparing for Hurricane Dean, which is currently a category 2 hurricane with winds of 96+ miles per hour (only 154km per hour). It is expected to increase to a category 4 by the time it reaches us (which means winds of 131 to 155 mph) Now that’s enough to take your roof off!! (250kmp/h).

A good website to check out to follow the progress of Dean is:

For those of you who don’t know where the Cayman Islands are – we are between the two fours just below Cuba!
They say ” Catergory 2 Hurricane Dean continues to strengthen. Dean has Maximum Sustained winds of 100MPH with higher gusts.”

So in about 96 hours we can expect Dean to hit us or just miss us, but of course there will be a big splash and lots of wind. It will hit us at about 2am Monday morning. These expected times change continually as the hurricane speeds up or slows down.

Tonight we went supply shopping. Bottled water (gallons), canned food (tuna) , candles, torch, radio, wet wipes (hygiene) and a bottle of red wine (for the nerves! and because we don’t have to chill it!). We’re not sure if we have enough (red wine?) supplies to last us. We should be worried if the Hurricane is as big as Ivan was in 2004 which destroyed the island. They reckon that there was not a green leaf on the island and no power for two weeks. I think it will go south of us and just dump some rain on us. “He HOPES!”

At work we are moving boats to the mangroves and tying them down with as many ropes as we can find. I’ll take some pictures to show you. The office is being plastic bagged. All records and computers have to go on the top shelf to avoid flooding (over 4 ft in 2004). Margot is wondering what is going to happen to the turtles! (will we see them frisbeeing past us in the night?).

Otherwise the weather is good and Margot and I are about to sit down to a nice roast chicken and vegetables for dinner.

Ahh the calm before the storm!

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