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We’re sitting here watching the sun go down, drinking cold beers, listening to some chilled lounge music and catching up on emails. I’m wondering what Dean has in store for us. Everybody has different ideas. Last year the predicted hurricane missed by miles. This year Dean is apparently on a direct hit for Grand Cayman and should be about a category 4 in about 36 hours or so. Definitely strong enough to remove your washing from the line!

The Hurricane is not the problem, it’s the storm surge afterwards. This can flood your home or worse, wash it away. Our apartment is apparently build to withstand the harshest Hurricane, but still there is that uneasy feeling in the pits of our stomachs. Today was a long day securing 5 boats in the mangroves, packing up the snuba and scuba operation, removing everything from the Royal Palms beach (the beach I spent my first 6 months on) and plastic bagging the whole office; plus a whole lot of other things I’m to tired to think about.

Tomorrow we make sure that everything is really securely tied down and check that we have all the supplies that we need – and then we wait!

Well some wise friends of ours put it very nicely. They said “If you run out water, drink beer and please stock up on some more red wine! Box wine will be best, you can drink and then use the bag to float yourself out J

That works for us the only problem is no box wine and no shiny silver bags to blow up. Don’t worry we’ll make a plan!

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