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The hurricane has come and gone and all is good and well. We had decided to ride out the storm in our apartment instead of spending it in the shelter – turns out it was the right choice. With our back windows boarded up with plywood, we were protected from the brunt of the winds. t wasn’t NEARLY as hectic as expected – still not sure whether we are relieved or disappointed!

The eye of the storm went well south of us and we experienced the outer edge of the flow, resulting in lots of rain, wind, thunder & lightning, but nothing overly frightening. The force we felt was that of a tropical storm with sustained winds of 65miles/hour.

The damage on the island doesn’t seem too bad – just a few broken tree branches, power lines and a few flooded roads and beaches.

Unfortunately a lightning bolt took out our power transformer and we were sitting in the dark for a day.

We now have a fully stocked supply of unused canned foods and water, and are well prepared for the next hurricane, which will hopefully only come once we are long gone!

I reckon our cyclone experience in Mozambique was far worse, but then again we were in a tent!

So now we have to unpack all our carefully plastic bagged belongings and re-attach the mosquito window guards.

They (the weather experts) are now saying that Dean is one of the top Hurricanes ever experienced in recored history! (Number 4).

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