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Life here in Grand Cayman is grand. It is hot and very humid. The simplest physical activity brings on a sweat. It’s 33 C feels like 42 with the humidity and has been raining every day this month. You get used to the humidity surprisingly quickly (and of course air conditioning always helps). Actually when you enter a bank, fancy shopping centre or bus you actually freeze because the air conditioning is so cold.

Next week Friday we are going to Cuba for a week. Should be fun, cuba libra’s and cigars or maybe mojitos and salsa (probably both!). We are really looking forward to it. It will be nice to see some mountains again. This flat rock can really do your head in. Will take loads of pictures and post them.

Work here continues to be work. I’m enjoying my job. Working long hours mostly doing crisis management as I’m the operations manager and responsible for keeping the business going. Quiet season now so not too many cruise ships. We get 3 days worth, the rest of the week is dedicated to doing crucial maintenance. Next month will be hectic as we go full swing into winter and high season.

Margot has been promoted. Her boss has been fired. Her new title is photo manager and her new responsibilities come with a substantial raise. She is still playing with the turtles at the Boatswain Beach Turtle Farm.

This trip is much needed time off. We don’t want to get totally consumed by work.

More about our travels in about two weeks.


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