Channelling: A Simple Guide by the Soul Doctor

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Channelling is the art of bridging the gap between our physical existence and the higher realms, allowing us to receive wisdom, guidance, and healing from higher energies, spirit guides, or our own higher consciousness. It’s a journey that beckons with simplicity and accessibility, affirming that each of us is already equipped with the ability to connect with these higher frequencies.  

Here are four essential steps to kickstart your channelling journey, stripped of any unnecessary fluff. 

1. Simplicity is Fundamental 
Begin with simplicity. Channelling doesn’t require elaborate rituals or settings (although a Magick Circle really helps). It’s about quieting the mind and being open to receive. Concentrate on your breathing, find a peaceful spot, and allow yourself to be receptive. The simpler your approach, the more likely you are to notice the subtle signals of connection. Start small, start simple, and let the process unfold naturally. 

2. Cultivate Trust 
Trust is critical in channelling. Trust in yourself, the process, and the entities you’re connecting with. It is common to face doubts or fears, but these are merely act as barriers. Adopt a mindset of reliance on the process, believing in the guidance you receive as meant for your highest good. My mantra, “I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them,” encapsulates this trust. Embrace the experience with confidence but at the same time remembering your own personal healing.  

3. Consistent Practice 
Like any skill, channelling gets better with regular practice. It’s a gradual process, not suited for those seeking instant results. Dedicate time daily, even if briefly, to practice. Initial sessions may yield subtle insights or a sense of relaxation. Over time, these experiences will deepen and become more profound. Patience is key; each attempt is progress on your spiritual path. 

4. Personal Healing Work 
A crucial, often overlooked aspect of channelling is working on yourself—addressing your traumas, fears, and limiting beliefs. The clearer your own energy field, the more potent your channelling efforts. A simple method would be to observe any emotions or fears that are coming up. Feel the emotion, forgive yourself, thank yourself and then love yourself. This simple tool discharges the energy of the emotion, fear, or belief. Utilising this tool releases personal blockages and not only enhances your ability to channel but also leads to a more fulfilling life. This self-work is integral to developing a solid foundation for channelling and ensuring that the guidance received is clear and undistorted. 

Channelling doesn’t have to be shrouded in mystery or complexity. By embracing simplicity, building trust, engaging in regular practice, and committing to personal healing, you lay the groundwork for meaningful spiritual connections. As the Soul Doctor, my approach is straightforward and grounded, aimed at facilitating your journey towards deeper understanding and transformation through channelling.

Be confident, embrace the insights, have fun and let me know how you get on.💫

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