AUGUST Success Package Special 25% OFF!

Choose 4 or more of the following sessions:- Building confidence; Fear of success; Acting on your ideas; Believing in yourself; Expect the best; Succeed; Think BIG. For terms and conditions click here.

Cost: £225 saving of £75
Session length: 1 hour x 4 sessions.
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Hypnosis is a powerful modality that has been used for thousands of years to assist people get the most out of their minds. By allowing the unconscious, or sub-conscious mind, to work with and support your conscious minds decisions you can achieve greatness. Your unconscious tends to run the same programmes over and over again. By using hypnotherapy these programmes or patterns can be changed and miraculous results can be achieved.

Imagine that your conscious mind is the captain of your ship and the unconscious mind the crew. The crew is responsible for making sure that the ship is in top shape and that all the areas are working correctly – from engines, cleaning to keeping the guest on board entertained. The captain gives orders and the crew follow them. The captain relies on the crew to follow these orders while focusing on immediate issues on hand. But what if the crew is running the wrong orders? The ship will go astray. Hypnosis allows very specific orders to be given to the unconscious mind to bring your ‘ship’ back on course and in proper working order.

I offer a free initial consultation which lasts approximately 30 minutes. There is no obligation to proceed further.  I understand that it’s important to feel comfortable and at ease with your hypnotherapist.  

This free consultation allows you to discover how hypnotherapy works, how it could help you, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions. After the initial consultation you’ll be under no pressure to book a session. If you do not experience positive changes after your first session I offer a money back guarantee.

Hypnotherapy sessions are approximately an hour long with subsequent sessions usually a week apart, although they could be more or less frequent depending on your circumstances.

Cost: £75
Session length: 1 hour.
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