I’m only going to eat the beans…..

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Over the last few days my head has been empty, lots of fun stuff has happened, but when I sit down to write about it nothing comes out. I think this is due to a process called…….ummm, lets just call it a process.

So here is some wisdom according to KOG.

Life is like a full plate of food. A plate that never gets empty. A plate that adapts to your taste buds. Sometimes you like what you get, other times you don’t. Ever changing. Some peoples plates are full of meat and potatoes, others might just be green vegetables. Every plate is unique and offers us a way to satisfy ourselves. You can choose what you are going to eat as it is your plate and you choose how it is going to affect you. Really full and uncomfortable, still hungry, peckish or nicely satisfied. You can also cook your own meal and put exactly what you like on your plate.

Sounds like a good metaphor for life. Be a full part of life, enjoy everything that is on your “plate”. “Cook” up what you want to happen in  your life for today and tomorrow. Take only the finest “ingredients” and using the best “pots” (thoughts and actions) with a little bit of planning, simmer and let to stew and in a few hours or days reap the rewards.

Last night I had a bowl of bean ice-cream. It had pieces of real black bean in it and was truly delicious, much like my life right now :-).

Remember….. life is more than just beans. Make the most of yours, because no one else can.



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