I’m the invisible man, incredible how you can see right through me…

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So, the “new” me is back. That should really read the “ever changing” me is back. The “old” me is taking a short holiday with my good friend Bob. Now some of you know Bob better than others – especially if you were at the healers programme in Cape Town. Others know “Bob” as the “Battery Operated Boyfriend” – I’ll let your imagination take you there and back…

Today we held a really powerful Enochian temple –  Light, love and positive energy sent out into the world to work it’s magick. You should be feeling the effects any second now….  now…. feel it…….? okay maybe just now……. now? Oh well, at some point you might feel something. You just have to wait for it. Or maybe you missed it?  Well look out for it next time.

It’s been a fun crazy day, filled with amazing people, laughter and light. I’m looking forward to tomorrows adventure and the magick that happens.


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