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So a long day interesting day yesterday. Warriors of Light training was fantastic. We did many push ups and much energy sparing. A lot of the South African team are having trouble keeping their white belts clean, especially Daniela. Apparently the more she scrubs her belt the dirtier it looks – even her housekeeper can’t seem to scrub it clean. She is stressing about it. Mine is sparkly white. I asked Sensei Dave about how we should keep our belts clean. He told me that our belt cleanliness is directly related to the purity of our minds. Interesting…

When I told this to Daniela she just burst out laughing and had that naughty sparkly look in her eyes. Later she asked me again and confirmed that her thoughts hadn’t been that clean.

Obviously I made the whole story up. Sorry Daniela :-), don’t stress the small stuff sister.

Big LOVE (& forgiveness Daniela – if you can :-))

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