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I got an email yesterday from last years “roomie”, she is very upset that she can’t be part  of this trips fun and games. And boy is she going to miss out. It’s already started – I have had to put my food down and decided that there won’t be any threesomes this time- well not in mine and Craig’s room.

The excitement has really been building.  Most of the South Africans have arrived, a contingent of about ten, which is five more than last time. The hotel foyer is the meeting place for excited programme participants, many having had to overcome huge obstacles to get here. Full of smiles, meeting old friends, making new acquaintances, laughing, everyone full of joy at being here.

So, how was the Alchemy 2 class you ask? You know the inner and outer alchemy. As above, so below. As inside, so outside alchemy – well, it was cancelled. It appears that not enough people wanted to make herbal tinctures or set up there home “kitchen” labs that would transform them into masterful alchemists. I really should have left the lead at home. So I did some alchemy of my own and went food shopping, then Craig and I made the most amazing lunch. Ah gotta love eating when it is cold and wet outside.

Until next time big smiles and warm hugs.


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