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It’s great to live in a world filled with such amazingly different people. All of us are perfect in our unique ways, yet all of us feel, at times, completely imperfect. This is a good thing. We often see the perfect person, even though the person doesn’t see it themselves. It is easy to be blinded by our imperfections. Imagine if the world was filled with perfect people, doing perfect things all of the perfect time, perfectly. How boring would these perfect things become. Yet deep down all of us are striving to become perfect – in our own perfectly unique way. This is another good thing.

Right now I am imperfect. I have plenty of faults and my to do (work on myself) list is longer than both my arms put together. But, right now, I am perfect. Perfect with all my imperfections. The physical, emotional and mental imperfections make me who I am and therefor perfect. This fills me with joy and puts a smile on my face. Yes, I am working on becoming perfect – it’s going to take a long while, but while I’m doing it I’m going to be happy being imperfect. I will become aware of my imperfections and work on them, if I so choose. At this moment I’m choosing to ignore most of my imperfections. Tomorrow this will most likely change. I’m not going to beat my self up by not being perfect right now. I must just remind myself that I am perfectly imperfect.

Well that’s a relief…….

So, to summarise, two good things must therefor make a third good thing – being Perfectly Imperfect.

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