Abundance Ceremony


Join my financial abundance ceremony this month and connect to your flow of financial abundance.


Ceremony is one of the easiest ways to unblock yourself and to allow more abundance into your life.


Through the power of the group intention, we will connect deeply to the unseen world and unblock energies that stop you from manifesting more in your life.



Abundance Ceremony

I will be running a financial abundance ceremony. Abundance ceremonies are powerful ways of increasing your manifestation abilities.  You are a powerful being able to manifest anything that you desire.  The universe flows a stream of abundance to you all the time.  Most often this stream is being diverted or blocked by beliefs, mind-states or perceived limitations.

Working with the unseen beings of light we are able to remove blockages that prevent us from being in the flow of pure abundance.

During ceremonial magick we use rituals, symbols, colours, incenses, sound, invocations and sacraments to invoke the unseen world into helping get the desired outcome. By doing ceremony we can bridge the gap between the self or personality and the Divine Self and bring flow back into our lives. 

Book now to reserve your space.

Some past Abundance Ceremony feedback:

“I came home to find £90 stuffed through my letter box – an old forgotten client had dropped off the money he owed!” JE
“I closed a £500 deal and he paid me straight away in CASH!” AT
“I found an old winning lotto ticket in my draw – £360 -Whoohoo – just days before the ticket would have expired.” OD



Number of people joining?

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1 August 2021, 31 October 2021

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