So once again the adventure begins….

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I’m sitting in Istanbul watching the beautiful people walk past. I’m half way. Toronto the destination. I’ll gain time again, fly for a day and a half and then arrive the day after I left, but hey, it will balance it’s self out when I return home. In two weeks I will loose a day.

Excitement is building, as once again I prepare to immerse myself in a programme where time is stretched, my mind is opened and keys handed down. I know we will be working extremely hard, but that is the fun of it, realising that the more I know the less I actually know. Connecting with like minded people and working and seeing the positive results that we have in the world.

When you in the flow you in the flow. Thank You. Upgraded to comfort class – a seat that could fit two of me, enough leg room that the person behind you can’t keep you awake by kicking your seat, real food served on a plate with three separate courses and of course a real knife and fork. Toronto immigration officer greeted me like an old friend and hoped that I had a good stay, very different from my last time where I got grilled on my family and financial history and reasons for visiting this fair land.

It’s a year since I first visited Toronto. It’s exciting to be back, to re-connect with friends I haven’t seen for a year (Facebook doesn’t count), and to see how they  have all grown and changed. It feels like lifetimes ago, so much has happened, and yet at the same time it feels like only yesterday that I was here in the same hotel writing my KOG blog.

Until tomorrow lovely people may the smiles shine down on you…


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