Terrifying Tuesday…

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It’s the morning after Halloween and there is still a smile on my face. We partied hard last night. The South Africans out did themselves. For a nation that does not really celebrate Halloween we certainly got in the spirit and dressed up. Daniela did an amazing job painting our faces into scary zombies and clowns. Photo to hopefully follow soon.

The evening started with a Wicca circle. Celebrating the start of a new cycle or year. A chance to set out new intentions for the year ahead. It is a chance for ideas and concepts to hibernate over winter and then come into fruition in Spring. This spell was followed by lots of dancing and smiling and eating. The DJ’s kept us dancing until late.  We all missed DJ G-spot who got us in the groove last year. Gudni (AKA G-spot) spent his time dancing, with his lovely wife, in front of the decks.

In a short while we start the Warriors of Light programme, a hybrid of “kung fu” and spiritual training.  We will get drilled into shape and you’ll probably hear some moaning and groaning tomorrow. I will keep you posted

Until then let the smiles brighten your faces.


Kung Fu master Oliver the Glad

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