Thank goodness it doesn’t snow in Grand Cayman

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Traffic is not really a problem on this small island if you traveling west. If you go east you can expect to enjoy a good hour or two every day. Driving home (west) from the centre of town takes around 20 minutes if I leave at 4.30. If I’m late and leave town at five I’m forced to endure rush hour traffic and I will get home around 5.45. Some would call this a pleasant commute.

Today it happened to be raining. Not hard, but hard enough to have your windscreen wipers on the intermittent setting. I leave at around 4.45 pm. At 5.30 I’m not even half way home. Must be a big accident or something. Maybe a road block and they are checking license discs and insurance papers. Traffic is at a standstill. I spend 30 minutes driving past the Westin, and it’s not that big a hotel. I know, a huge pantechnicon truck has skidded off the road and caused a ginormous pile up. I text Margot and tell her I’ll be late.

Margot calls at six. “Where am I, how long before I get home, is the traffic moving?” “Hardly, soon as I can.” I reply.

“Well I hope there’s a good reason for the delay” she says.

I get home just before 6.30. Guess what. No accidents, no road blocks, no pedestrians or other unforeseen reasons for traffic delays. Just bad driving, a little rain, a few puddles and an hour and forty-five minutes of my time!

It’s the most popular excuse on the island. “Why you late?” “ It was raining, so I drove like a dipstick, caused all the traffic to back up behind me. Now everyone has a good excuse for being late.” Well that certainly explains it.

I love going to work. It only takes me ten minutes, but then I do leave slightly earlier than most.

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