The Life Activation Healing Modality

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The time has come for this ancient awakening healing modality to be spread around the world – to enlighten all souls on the planet, to help humanity to understand and feel joy and compassion. To assist in the awakening of your divine purpose here on planet Earth. We have moved into a new age, a new paradigm, a new energy. The box that we have carefully placed around and ordered our lives with (and others with) is not fitting. It’s time to think outside the box and to become individuals. Individuals working together towards a common goal.

2012 was the end of the old and the start of the new.  Many races have stories and prophecies telling us about these changing times. Many of the ancient prophecies were misinterpreted and surrounded with unnecessary fear. The Mayan calendar ended and they called it the “end of days”. A better way of putting it would be “the end of the time as we know it”. The Inca’s talk about this as the age of meeting ourselves and the Zulu people of Southern Africa have tribal stories about the world  turning upside down. Have changes happened in your life? Are you searching, but not exactly sure what you are after? Has your world turned upside down? We definitely can see massive changes happening in the world.  The Hopi people predicted a period of purification before entering the fifth world.  Are we in a period of purification? It does appear to be so as we see more cover ups being exposed with investigations into the banking, pensions, government bodies etcetera. We could say that we are in a period of looking at ourselves and looking at our worlds. Deciding what is right for me and us right now.

All this comes with a healthy dose of fear. Our primal instinct kicking in to keep us safe or so we think. Don’t do that – things might change. Do we want to be kept safely in the box? Living the same mediocre lives? Well I hope things do change. Change is the only thing that is constant in our lives – even though many of us deny this. We can always find plenty of reasons (or excuses) not to do something that is important to us. I found many reasons to not go for a Life Activation session. I didn’t have the time. It cost too much money. It was another one of these mumbo jumbo new age sessions. Well three years ago I took a step into the unknown. I  found myself standing in front of a Life Activation practitioner. Being served. Not understanding anything that was done during the session, but leaving feeling clean, slightly more energised and knowing that my DNA had been switched on. Did I feel anything? Logically I would say no, but I did find myself humming on the drive home. Being amazed at the colours of the sky and ocean, and of the smells and sounds of the sea and gulls. I felt this amazing sense of Joy that was bubbling out of me. But then I’ve always been a happy go lucky sort of chap so this was just a coincidence wasn’t it? Did I want my life to change? Yes, but I didn’t want to put too much effort into it. I was happy in my routine of work sleep work and bitch about the what if things were different. Did my life change? Yes. I got divorced and remarried. Life in many ways became simpler and I find I have more drive in getting things done that I want. I now live and work in London 6000 miles away from my home. I find myself  wanting to know more about the true me, not just the masks that I hide behind and display to the public world. In August 2011 I  found myself signing up to the Modern Mystery School Healers Academy and after five days of intense healing and learning I became a Life Activation practitioner. I now have a “toolbox” of sessions that I offer the general public. A crystal wand that was specially made for me that enables me to activate a persons physical and spiritual DNA.

Am I happy? I find this smile coming to my face as I think about this question. Don’t get me wrong I have my good and bad days, but overall I am calmer, can get over the sh*t that life throws at you quicker than most. I have this sense of joy that seems to radiate from me whenever I am doing this work. I realised, much later, that I had found that little piece of the puzzle that I had been looking for. The piece that suddenly made the rest easier. The piece that allows you to fill in all the blanks. And I now truly find myself “out of the box” and not wanting to ever limit myself or others with that belief structure.

Is this the “magic pill” that is going to solve all your problems? Bring up the winning Euro Million Lotto numbers? Bring you happiness, love and romance? The answer is NO. Nothing like that exists or ever will. What it does do is start to awaken us to our true potential, allowing us to see our divine gifts that we probably hadn’t noticed before. It starts to cast light onto our beliefs and ways in which we lead our lives. The awakened DNA allows us also to look more closely at our health and we might find that we change our diets, take up yoga or go for an acupuncture session. Everyone has a different experience and receives exactly what they need at the time. Everyone who has had the Life Activation will notice that things start to change for them. Many only really notice this years afterwards when they look back at there lives and how things have turned out differently from how they might have imagined. I now offer this amazing life changing, empowering and awakening session to people from all walks of life here in London. It is humbling to see them shine and find true happiness in the months that follow.

We are living in exciting times and it is important that we make the most of this new energy and potential that we are now recognising as our right. Many sensitive people have been able to feel or experience the changing energies that we are living in. This expansion of consciousness, the linking of human experiences and the awakening of minds.  It is a time for planting the “seeds” of life. How we want our lives to turn out? How do we want things to change? I encourage you to look at your life, dream big and take some small steps towards your dream. You are more than you could ever possibly imagine!

What is the Life Activation?

Life Activation is an ancient healing that has remained unchanged for over 3000 years. It dates back to the time of King Solomon and was developed as an universal healing. A healing that works on everyone, no matter what race, creed, belief or religious views you have. The healings primary purpose is to light up your DNA, awakening you to your true potential.

What is the Healers Academy?

Healers Academy is an intensive 5 day programme run by the Modern Mystery School and it’s team of Master Teachers. The program unveils the true nature of service, sustainability, and abundance – as well as how this applies to you and your life’s work. You learn how to do the Life Activation Healing Modality, which is the ultimate physical and spiritual awakening and empowerment tool for over 3,000 years. You are also taught several other modalities to use in your healing work with clients. At completion you will be an authorized Life Activation Practitioner, certified by the Modern Mystery School. It is being taught, for the first time, in London in July.
To find a Life Activation Practitioner and classes in your area or for more information about The Healers Academy program here in London in July go to

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