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TreeofLifeKabbalahI learnt about the Kabbalah many years ago through a rock climbing client of mine. He was (is) a devout Jewish man who had just turned 36 and was fascinated by the whole idea of learning about how life and the universe worked. The problem was he was not old enough to be considered eligible to study Kabbalah with the Rabbi. So a ream of photocopies later and a serious amount of self study he finally talked the Rabbi into allowing him into the class. In the Jewish tradition you have to be a man over the age of 40 to be considered for these “higher learning’s.” I got the photocopies and an “insight” every Thursday afternoon on the rock faces of Cape Town. I tired, but failed, to read the documents. As a young 26 year old it was all gibberish to me (I obviously wasn’t old or wise enough).

The word Kabbalah means “to receive.” It is an ancient study of how we relate to the world and gives one the opportunity to grow spiritually, begin to eliminate the negative ego and examine the reasons we behave the way we do.  The Universal Kabbalah is open to everyone of any age and any religion (or no religion) and opens the door to self discover and clearing the negative ego. I was lucky enough to study the Universal Kabbalah a number of years ago with the Modern Mystery School here in London. The year long study activates the Kabbalah tree of life within you and life begins to change as you move up the tree of life. Words struggle to explain the processes that you go through. It’s a bit like spring cleaning for the mind, emotions and spirit. At times the process is tough, but totally worthwhile. The Kabbalah is like 10 years of therapy done in a single year or so I’m told – never been for therapy. And I didn’t have to read one book (although you are encouraged to do as much (or as little) reading as you feel you need).

I am now a Kabbalist using this remarkable tool to move through life with more understanding, some grace at times and a lot more joy. This amazing programme comes back to London In February and I encourage you all to join if you can. See the links below for more details.

Universal Kabbalah 2015 Programme begins in London Feb 7 & 8!

We are most excited to be preparing for the upcoming Universal Kabbalah 2015 Programme and we invite you to step forward and join this transformational journey. Simply click on the link below and hear how some who have taken the journey are saying…

Universal Kabbalah London

We look forward to you joining us and making 2015 the more transformational and productive year yet!

Click here to learn more…

Looking forward to seeing you at Universal Kabbalah!

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